3 camper models for your travels

1. X-Line is the perfect off-road solution. This model is covered with durable anti-vandal Line-X protection. It is not afraid of blows, scratches and corrosion. With the X-Line, you can visit the mountains, go fishing or hunting and travel wherever large caravans just can’t go.



2. SteelDrop is a great option for relaxing travel between cities, countries and festivals. SteelDrop has a classic teardrop shape, compact size and stylish appearance.



3. SimpleDrop is a new low-cost model made specifically for the Ukrainian market. SimpleDrop is equipped with everything you need to travel comfortably. With this model, you are not afraid of any roads and terrain.

бюджетний кемпер

All models can be towed by any kind of car or ATV with a tow hitch. For trips with campervans, it’s enough to have “B” category in your driving license. 


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3 camper models for your travels

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