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Lifestylecamper: Results of 2020

2020 has become a year of change for the entire world. We have to admit that although it was difficult at times, for #Lifestylecamper these changes were positive!

– We have expanded the geography of our representations! Our dealers have appeared in the Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia, Poland, France, Romania, UAE, Sweden and Switzerland (new dealers).

– Lifestylecamper has passed the ISO 9001: 2015 certification audit.

– Despite the quarantine, our company and dealers took part in more than 10 local and international exhibitions in the UK, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Germany and other European countries.

– All the time we are looking for new constructive and creative solutions. In 2020 we have changed the main options for trailer equipment. We also released X-Line in several new colors!

– Now you can rent our campers in Europe! You can rent a camper for travel in Finland, Norway and the Czech Republic.

– In 2020, we have produced and shipped over 100 campers.

In 2020, campers often went to our partners in other countries. But it is especially pleasant for us that in Ukraine there is a growing interest in autotravel with campers! SteelDrop and X-Line bring joy and comfort to their owners in different parts of the world, uniting us as one big family of caravanning enthusiasts.

Friends, thank you for being with us! We wish you happiness and prosperity!

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