Sale 20% off on X-Line camper rental | Life style camper

Sale 20% off on X-Line camper rental

Friends, from 20.12.2021 to 10.01.2022 we will have a Christmas sale – 20% off on X-Line camper! Therefore, if you were waiting for a sign to go on a winter trip or take the model for a test drive, then here it is! 

Camper rental services in Ukraine:

  • 50 euros/day for the first week, 45 for the second and 37 for the third.
  • The minimum rental period is 3 days.

Trailer kit:

  1. SALON: foam mattress, lighting, sockets, boxes for clothes.
  2. KITCHEN: stainless sink, 58 litres water tank, LED kitchen lights, sockets, spoons/forks/knives organizer.
  3. SHASSIS AND BODIES:  torsion bar suspension with roller brake and dampers, front cargo trunk, supporting wheel,
    outdoor LED lighting.

To find out more and book a camper contact us

by phone, Viber or Telegram +380677003650 

by e-mail:

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