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Solar panel for camper

Installing a solar battery in a home on wheels

Do you want to have unlimited possibilities while travelling? Then take advantage of our additional offer and add a stationary solar panel and a portable module to your camper.

Even in cloudy weather, the solar panel will provide the necessary electricity to maintain a full charge in the battery and uninterrupted operation of the refrigerator, laptop and other gadgets and devices.

Enjoy your rest even in the most remote places

On long trips, you don’t need to:

  • worry and look for particular campsites
  • buy and carry a noisy generator
  • move from place to place in search of sun-drenched territory

We offer two types of panels: stationary and mobile. The solar panel can be placed on the camper or stored separately and used only when you need it.

Panel power: 125W and 130W.

Dimensions: 1180/540/3mm and 1420/525/5mm (folded 528/280/25mm)⠀

How to install a solar panel for camper?

The solar panel is not included in the basic package of the camper. But you can always add it during checkout. To find out more – call us, write to Viber, Telegram +380677003650 or email

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Solar panel for camper