SimpleDrop camper is our new model | Life style camper


For transportation of any of presented trailer models it’s enough to have a driving licence of Category B and BE and the necessary technical equipment installed in your car: ball-type trailer hitch (tow bar) with 13PIN plug socket for connection of exterior lighting equipment of the trailer


Description Value
Standard weight 540 kg
Maximum tow bar load 75 kg
Tow bar load 45 kg
Maximum total weight 750 kg
Maximum load capacity 210 kg
Body height 125 cm
Indoor height 113 cm
Overall height of the caravan 171 cm
Overall width 192 cm
Cabin width, without mudguards 145 cm
Internal width 140 cm
Overall length 354 cm
External cabin length 250 cm
Internal cabin length 240 cm
Mattress 198 x 140 x 10  cm
Wheel size (standard) 205/65 R15


SimpleDrop KIT


Side walls, back and front parts of the salon: improved waterproof plywood covered with eco-
friendly water based varnish
Wood headrest with sided shelves
Vanished wood floor with plugged inspection inlets for washing (inspection) of the main water
Curtains on the windows of the salon
Closet for keeping personal things, clothes, shoes etc. (3 big + 3 small sections)
Control panel with standard interface: salon light tumbler switch, USB socket (with two
connection units)
Internal LED-based lighting of trailer salon area


Tires 205/65/R15 and steel wheels J6.0×15, PCD 4×100 (suspension 750 kg)
Plastic wheel chocks
Decorative polymer waterproofing membrane (1.6 mm thickness). Standard colour of the upper
body is light-grey
Improved waterproof plywood with exterior side surfaces of the body covered with composite
panels. Standard colour of the panels is matte silver
Thermal insulation of the body: upper (roof) and front part of the body and also the side doors

Additional (optionally) personal logo for trailer body
Back cargo trunk: 360×1000×460 mm with horizontal loading and side doors with key lock
Right side of the body: one side door with glass window of Class “E” Safety Standard with
window aperture of 460×410 mm size.


Drawer for kitchenware, appliances etc. (3 big + 2 small sections + 1 plastic organizer for
tableware), and also one central upper shelf
Table board is surfaced with scratch proof plastic
Sink of stainless steel with water faucet and rubber plug
Polyethylene tank for process water (for hand and dish washing) of 58 litres volume with electric
LED-based lighting of kitchen area
Control panel with standard interface: the main tumbler of trailer electricity supply, tumbler of
electricity supply from the tractor, tumbler of fridge electricity supply, light tumbler switch, socket
220B, USB socket (with two connection units), digital voltmeter, audio- and LED indicator of low
Circuit breaker panel
Intelligent charger for accumulator storage battery with 7A charge rate
Car cable plug 12V for fridge connection
Lead acid battery with 56Ah rated capacity

If you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them.