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X-Line – camper for hunters

We designed this camper, an advanced version of the X-Line hunting model, in 2019. This trailer, in addition to full premium equipment, has its own individual features:

enhanced warming for winter hunting,

– 4 hunting dog spaces, made in Line-X protective cover, with natural and forced inflow and outlet ventilation,

– the trailer is equipped with an air-conditioning system for heating and maintaining the set temperature,

– has independent suspension by KNOTT German company,

– salon decorated with genuine leather, ceiling decorated with orange coloured alcantara,

– the trailer equipped with an acoustic system with the main unit, ALPINE amplifier, and HERTH acoustic,

– has a plastic lightweight water tank with a level indicator on the control panel.

We offer to our customers the campers in 2 main modifications, but we can tune each camper to the client’s wishes.

Contact us to find out more and get a price list!

You can also rent a camper in Ukraine.

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